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The Hundred Edition presents a meticulous selection of the top interior designers in the world, a special selection of the personalities that stood out in this creative and artistic industry, the interior design world.

This selection represents the brilliant minds whose work inspire and transcend the ordinary. Each of their projects is a unique journey that captures in spaces the feeling that others could not perceive. They are the classic masters, modern leaders, minimalist prodigies, color gurus who are transforming our world with passion. Design Innovation and the future are two concepts that belong to those who think differently today, to those who are passionate about what they are doing now, the artists, the inventors and the storyteller-creatives who can capture the essence of spaces as well as the soul of their clients. The work of the interior designers is to integrate their costumers’ needs and spirits in a particular space. Thus, their work consists of listening, observing, understanding and finally empathizing in order to bring to life something new. In a way, to make the invisible visible.

Our mission here is to honor these artists with honesty and dedication, as well as to enable their work to be appreciated by many. Here you can find 20 of the selected interior designers that are embellishing people’s days with their sense of good taste and design. Get inspired by the best in the world.

Nate Berkus

Martin Brudnizki

Ken Fulk

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

Greg Natale

Charles Zana

Miles Redd

Gilles Boissier

Francois Champsaur


Mathieu Lehanneur

Drake Associates

Lyon Kelly

Studio Munge

Pierre Yves-Rochon

Alberto Pinto

Lorenzo Castillo



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