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The practice offers architecture and interior design as a single integrated vision, LyonsKelly was founded by architect John Kelly and interior designer Eoin Lyons. Eoin Lyons, interior designer, and John Kelly, architect, have joined forces to become LyonsKelly, a company that offers their combined services as a package.

Eoin Lyons and John Kelly met in 2008, while Eoin was working as an interior designer and John was a senior architect in de Blacam and Meagher Architects. They had collaborated on a number of projects, but soon their clients who knew them as a couple encouraged them to work together, leading to the opening of LyonsKelly Architecture + Design in 2013.

John graduated in architecture from the University of Dundee. He was employed as a Senior Architect with de Blacam and Meagher in Dublin for ten years, working on residential projects in Ireland, Spain and France.

Eoin has ten years experience working as an interior designer. He originally studied graphic design in Dublin and later became a journalist writing two books about interiors.

In recent years, seasoned architect John Kelly and renowned interior designer Eoin Lyons merged their 20 years of industry experience together to form LyonsKelly, an integrated architecture and interior design practice that knows exactly what it’s doing.

Their featured projects include a tasteful modern remodel of a 1980s home in central Dublin and an overhaul of a 1930s cottage, as well as seamless extensions and ambitious new builds.

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