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Pattern, layers and bold colors are just some of the design tools Greg Natale uses in his extraordinary interiors. Modern yet classic, opulent yet sophisticated this exquisite Interior Designer has championed a unique Australian aesthetic and, yes, the adjective ‘sexy’ does come to mind.

Greg Natale has extended his vision into other design disciplines through successful collaborations with several notable brands. He has created rug and carpet collections with Designer Rugs, wallpaper ranges for Porter’s Paints, three furniture lines – one with Worlds Away USA, tiles and marble mosaic collections for Teranova as well as a very successful range of cushions and soft homewares launched in 2016.


One of the original inspirations was one the house’s arches, in which Greg Natale created a series of repeated arches that not only became a standout feature but also opened up the house significantly. Formasetti arch tiles in the kitchen give a nod to this feature. Another feature of the home is the black and white Fornasetti wallpaper accessories that stand out to great effect against the house’s soft powder-blue walls.

Over the last decade, the interior designer has built his firm from the ground up, and gained a stellar reputation for bold, tightly styled interiors with a distinct luxe edge. Greg Natale describes his design approach as ‘decoration layered over minimalism’.  This layered approach is evident in the rich textiles, patterns, wall and floor coverings expertly combined.

Greg Natale has been named twice the Belle / Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year. In 2014, he was named the inaugural winner of the Editors’ Medal at the Interior Design Excellence Awards. He was a keynote speaker at the 2013 Australian International Furniture Fair, and has appeared as a guest judge on the reality television shows The Renovators and homemade.

A glamorous example of how to incorporate patterns into your home.

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