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Studio Munge Interview : Imagining Extraordinary Interiors

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Studio Munge Interview : Imagining Extraordinary Interiors
Studio Munge Interview : Imagining Extraordinary Interiors
Studio Munge Interview : Imagining Extraordinary Interiors
Studio Munge Interview : Imagining Extraordinary Interiors

The Toronto-based Studio Munge has established a reputation for masterful storytelling through design. Their brilliant design projects are a result of their passionate and inspiring work. The inquisitive nature and quest for the perfect solution have driven Studio Munge onto the international stage.
Studio Munge is the vision of the Italian top interior designer Alessandro Munge with years of experience imagining and realizing extraordinary interiors.


“I built a studio where disciplines are free to think for themselves, driven by curiosity and passion.” Alessandro Munge.

Studio Munge is continuously defining a new era of luxury interiors adding authentic personality design stories.  Through the years, they formed partnerships with a global roster of top hospitality brands, condominium and residential developers, and architects. Their inspiration is to co-create with world-renowned chefs and restaurateurs, forward-thinking developers and iconic hotel brands – whether our clients are building in Las Vegas, Miami, Beijing or Shanghai.

Exclusive interview with Studio Munge.

Where the inspiration comes from in your projects?
My inspiration always comes from listening and recollecting memories captured around the world. To create I listen to my clients, I listen to the city where the project resides; it helps me understand its needs, its voids, and opportunities.

How do you choose artisans and materials, which are your favorite materials?
We truly believe each project is deserving of a singular identity driven by a unique narrative, a storyboard that defines the guest journey and the design featured encountered along the way. We don’t single source, we thrive in that variety, that uniqueness and to sustain that design philosophy, we are always on the hunt for exceptional talents to contribute their crafts. We have a dedicated in-house resource specialist who travels the world to discover the most incredible materials and artisans before bringing those back to our studio.

How do you mix materials, patterns, textures…and the final result is a well-design and balanced project?
We listen to our narrative; the story line tells us which materials are appropriate for each design project. The curation of layers and balance in the composition is very subjective; you build your own style by experimenting and pushing your boundaries until you figure out the design elements that feel comfortable for you.

When you remember your first project, you feel?
Proud; I wouldn’t change a thing.

One quality your team members must have?
Passion and love for themselves and what they do.

What does your home say about you?
Quality, Design, and Emotion are key in my world

One moment, one person, one project that marked your career?
My mother, who taught me how to balance business, design, and people.

How Arts & Crafts and Advanced technology will live together?
Ability to use the tools effectively is the key with marrying art with technology… The creative mind must remain the most powerful tool and the driving force in the process.

Complete the sentence:

I can’t work without my … Family Support

Blank sheet for me is…. An opportunity to express me

Most inspiring Museum/ Gallery for you? The Broad Museum Los Angeles

What Your Favorite Piece Of Clothing Says About You… Style and comfort is key

If I wasn’t architect/ interior designer, I would be … A vegetable… Architecture, Design, and Artistry is my life

Less is more …or more is more? Just the right amount; each design project deserves its own answer leading to the appropriate design solution.


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