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Stefano Seletti is the face and mind of the homonymous unique objects, like the Seletti Plates. The thinker of this exceptional project has two collections involving original plates, Hybrid Collection and TOILETPAPER Collection.

The exceptional collection, Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER Collection born out of the collaboration between the Italian design company, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s magazine. Black humor dipped in pastel colors. TOILETPAPER is an unusual and exceptional collection of plates and more. A selection of images from the magazine become the decorative motif of the Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER design collection.

Tin, oilcloth, melamine, porcelain, and wood are the main materials used in the collection, perfectly aligned with the pop spirit of the magazine: cheap and widespread, never sectional.

The style of the collection is a sort of label given by the unique humor and unlimited desire to experiment. The Seletti wears TOILETPAPER fever keeps spreading all around the globe fulfilling a unique taste for exclusive objects.


TOILETPAPER’s images can become both a bathing suit and a Formula 1 car. The important thing is not to betray the spirit and nature of the magazine, which is ironic and unsettling at the same time. Today, thanks to Seletti, some images have become real objects.

The Hybrid Collection from the Italian company Seletti is a series of plates, and more, designed by Ctrlzak that shows the juxtaposition of Eastern and Western porcelain in one piece. Each piece features two styles with a colored dividing line down the center. The collection is quirky and colorful and will definitely be a conversation piece at the table.

This collection combines traditional work with hand-made plates, full of details and history to tell. Stefano drow a line that could give the clients the love to be attached to the objects. Seletti proves that even the stranger form of the object can be art, and at the same time can be, and should be useful. Unlike the earlier CermamiX range, the plates, bowls, and cups in the new Hybrid collection are cast as single objects in bone china.

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