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Refined and Modern Living Room Ideas

Living rooms may be everyone’s favorite space in the home for the comfort and relaxation moment. But a modern living room requires an extra effort to achieve the brilliant work like a top interior designer. You might need to be bold and do not afraid of mixing patterns and colors. But then again it is always important to keep true to your personal style. We have selected the best living room ideas from top interior designers who went above and beyond, they transform the traditional stereotype of a living room into wisely curated design room space that is a source of inspiration.

Take a seat and look through these living rooms inspirations.

Blue living room with a sliding bronze-finished screen, designed by Yabu Pushelberg, make the room unexpectedly luxurious.

London-based design team Todhunter Earle designed a living room that is more of a mix between the classic English interior.

Be bold and use bright colors like this luxurious Living room design by David Collins Studio.


Beautiful seating room, neutral with a pop of blue color by top interior designer Gerard Faivre.

This living room has a more minimal approach with luxury furniture pieces from Gubbio selected by Studio Pepe.

Interior designer Peter Mikic has renovated a forgotten Notting Hill townhouse, transforming it into his very own luxury home with a stunning living room design.

Claude Cartier refined living room decor. See how she mix different textures and materials to enhance the room design.

An apartment in Geneva by Charles Zana. see how the design center tables add a modernity flavor into this room.

The Brazilian designer created a fun and refreshing version of a modern living room.

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