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Our 100 Design Selection of Shanghai

White Magnolia Plaza

We’ve been talking about Shanghai for the past week.  This is one of China’s main cities rivaling Beijing or Hong Kong in terms of popularity, but also design, economic and financial influence! It’s therefore obvious that is home to some of the most incredible design icons of all of China! So today One Hundred brings to you the complete 100 Design List of Shanghai!


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As usual, we’ve started our selection with the Best Interior Designers based in Shanghai! The city is also rich in amazing examples of high-end design projects produced by some world-class interior designers so, obviously, we’ve listed ten of the thousands of luxury design projects we can find in the city!


Like Hong Kong, Shanghai is also known for its amazing architectural industry. We couldn’t resist in identifying the 20 best Architects and Architectural Studios based in the city and we’ve divided them in two lists: All-Around and Hospitality!


Speaking of Hospitality and Luxury Projects…..we’ve also listed the 10 Best Luxury Design Hotels and the 10 Best Luxury Restaurants in Shanghai so you can have the best design experience while visiting the city!


Within the design industry, we also ranked 10 amazing design brands based in the city. We also ended up listing 20 of the most amazing design shops and design showrooms in this city that is rapidly becoming China’s design capital!



We ended by listing the most impressive skyscrapers in Shanghai. The city’s powerful skyline is defined by these amazing buildings (some designed by some of the biggest architectural firms in the world) so, obviously, we had to get to know them better.

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