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MILAN in 100º – The 10 Top Cocktail Bars and Best Restaurants in Milan

The last chapter of Milan in 100º is about the 10 top cocktail bars and best restaurants in Milan, perfect and marvelous places and spaces where you can elevate your luxury lifestyle during your visit at Milan for Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile 2019.

As a luxury destination, Milan presents some of the best cocktail bars and top restaurants with a modern interior design in all over Italy. If you preparing your visit to Milan, discover where to have fun, to have a drink and where to eat in Milan here.




It is in Porta Nuova Varesine district, among the New Milan skyscrapers, that chef Andrea Berton has opened his restaurant, a modern, rigorous and elegant location, reflecting an essential and balanced cuisine. “My dishes are clear, with no artifices, because they are thought to start from primary flavors: all the ingredients – and they are never many – are used in their maximum expression, in perfect balance, and they are not hidden to the palate, nor to the sight”, says the star chef. This luxury restaurant is a must for the most demanding palates.

Address: Via Mike Bongiorno, 13, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +39 02 6707 5801


Da Vittorio di Brusaporto


Da Vittorio is a unique culinary oasis nestled in the hills that separate the bubbling vitality of Milan from Bergamo considered to be a mecca for seafood lovers since 1960 thanks to the remarkable Cerea family. In the early days, the Luxury Restaurant built its reputation around its creative fish dishes, taking a gamble at a time when meat was dominant on restaurant menus. Perseverance paid off, with the first Michelin star awarded to the restaurant in 1978, the second in 1996, and the third in 2010.

Address: Via Cantalupa, 17, 24060 Brusaporto BG, Italy
Phone: +39 035 681024


Seta – Mandarin Oriental Hotel


Discover exquisite dining, a beautiful setting and a vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Mandarin Oriental hotel. Under the watchful eye of acclaimed chef Antonio Guida, the two Michelin-starred Italian restaurants Seta has fast become one of Milan’s most talked-about dining destinations. Updating traditional recipes with his own creative culinary techniques, chef Guida’s menu offers an exciting, contemporary take on classic Italian cuisine.

Address: Via Andegari, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +39 02 8731 8888




A door opened on a floating World, where everything is designed to move your feelings, a place to live the pleasure of tasting and welcome: this is the project that leads Claudio Liu to open Iyo in 2007. Fragrant and delicious dishes come from the spectacular kitchen, led by Michele Biassoni, while from his sushi counter Master Masaki Okada creates delicious raw dishes.

Address: Via Piero della Francesca, 74, 20154 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +39 02 4547 6898


Dal Pescatore di Canneto sull’Oglio


The luxury restaurant is situated in the nature reserve of the Oglio Sud park in a village with 36 inhabitants, inside an elegant country house with the dining and sitting rooms encircled by the greenery of the gardens. The cuisine is overseen by Nadia and Giovanni Santini and features both classic and avant-garde dishes.

Address: Località Runate, 15, 46013 Canneto Sull’oglio MN, Italy
Phone: +39 0376 723001


Miramonti l’Altro di Concesio


This luxury restaurant in an elegant villa on the outskirts of town is renowned for its owners’ hospitality and its fine cuisine. The menu features specialties from Brescia, and fish from the lake and the sea, all with a distinct French influence. There is also an unforgettable cheese trolley with an excellent selection of Italian varieties.

Address: Via Crosette, 34, 25062 Concesio BS, Italy
Phone: +39 030 275 1063


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Quality cocktails paired with creative tapas by the Naviglio Grande, in a restaurant that is almost an extension of the adjoining Pont de Fer restaurant. Drinks with a vintage soul go hand in hand with the care of high-quality saucers. You can have dinner or simply have an aperitif, accompanied by snacks at the table. A handful of clichés of Milanese clubs. But adopted with grace, taste and common sense. There are the usual living brick walls, the large counter in front of the entrance, the rough wooden tables. A few seats in front of the chef’s worktop.

Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese 55, Milan
Phone: +39 02 84194720


Iter Cocktail Bar

Classified as the first fusion cocktail bar, Iter will take you every six months to discover countries all over the world. The concept is “From Italy to the World”, which only makes you want to travel, discover and experience the wonder of aromas and flavors of every corner of the world.

Address: Via Mario Fusetti 1, Milan
Phone: +39 02 3599 9589


Jazz Cafè

One of the most popular nightlife places that populate the area overlooking the Arco della Pace, has the air of jazz club made. Always very popular with an adult and international public, as many celebrities and companies that choose it for dinners that lead to after-dinner fun.

Address: Corso Sempione 8, Milan
Phone: +39 02 33604039


Ceresio 7

When the weather cools, the restaurant’s unique and modern interior design, unusual pictures on the walls, colorful chairs, and 1930s-era lamps, provides more than enough visual delight. Head chef Elio Sironi, formerly of the Bulgari Hotel in Milan and a restaurant called Madai in Porto Cervo, reinterprets traditional local cuisine with unusual combinations and ingredients.

Address: Via Ceresio, 7, Milan
Phone: +39 02 31039221


Bulk Mixology Food Bar

Bulk mixology food bar is a place where guests can relax in a good and beautiful way, enjoy time and watch it pass. At Bulk guests can drink coffee, enjoy lunch or dinner, bite a snack and sip one of the perfectly crafted cocktails at the bar; even here the attentive and careful eye of Giancarlo Morelli can be perceived watching over the excellence and quality of all the ingredients.

Address: Via Aristotile Fioravanti 6, Milan
Phone: +39 02 800 10 910


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