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Le-A Coffee Table By Zaha Hadid Design

Le-A Coffee Table is a collaboration between Zaha Hadid design and Leblon Delienne with dramatic lines and smooth curves the designer created a twisting and dynamic silhouette that extends outwards in both directions to form two solid surfaces. Leblon Delienne specializes in products based on well-known characters and series – everything from Mickey Mouse sculptures to homeware based on Alice in Wonderland’s tea party. The brand describes the table as “a perfect fit for most contemporary interiors”.

It’s not the first time the studio has drawn inspiration from the Star Wars universe, with late architect Zaha Hadid basing a desk – designed for a Disney event at London’s Somerset House in 2016 – on a headdress worn by Queen Amidala.

Fiber and resin come together to create a glossy, sculptural shape that takes on playful, pop-culture cues while also demonstrating the dramatic dynamism Zaha Hadid is widely recognized for. The incredible shape of this table makes is similar to space constructions in the imagination of the designer. The piece is finished in shiny black glass and carbon fiber, although this table can also be ordered in white, brass or silver finishes.

The stylish black color will be a perfect design detail to your living room or sitting room. From the first sight, this table is really small in size but it can be very practical also. In its twisting and twirling form, the object makes a direct aesthetic reference to princess Leia’s signature side buns, yet maintains an elegantly defined silhouette. This amazing piece of furniture will continue to inspire designers and just lovers of beautiful things for new challenges.

The table’s two straight ends are contrasted by a looping middle, which also provides support for the furniture. Lacquer finish of this table is really so bright and it’s quite easy to clean it after a huge amount of guests in your house.

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