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Interview With Theresa Obermoser of TO Interior Design, The New Luxury Experts of London

TO Interior Design was established in 2018 by Theresa Obermoser with the intention of bringing her pioneering style to the industry. The award-winning studio with offices in London and Vienna specializes in designing hotels, private members clubs, shops and luxury homes across Europe. It is one of Hundred’s new favorite designers so we couldn’t resist in interview Theresa Obermoser!


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Theresa Obermoser


But before we dive into the amazing interview with the iconic Theresa Obermoser let us properly introduce this amazing designer and her contemporary design studio. Theresa Obermoser combines her passion for interior design with her love of history. Even though she only founded her design studio in 2018, Obermoser and her TO Design Studio team already managed to climb to the top of the vibrant London design scene. With a series of stunning projects worldwide ranging from residential to contract, Theresa Obermoser is rapidly becoming a design giant with her unique lux-chic style!


Credits: To Interior Design



What’s TO Interior Design’s main design mission?

Theresa Obermoser – To create stylish and functional designs that maximize the use of space. I love to research about each project to really dig deeper into the history and location of a client’s space, to really see each project as a new piece of art.


How would you describe the Studio’s relationship with your audience? Do you have a special way of communicating/advertising your work?

Theresa Obermoser – We have two Instagram accounts for myself and the studio, this is a great way of interacting with our audience. I like to share the process of projects and involve our followers by asking for their opinion, after all their opinion really matters! I was a judge of the TV show ‘Design Dream’ earlier this year, following that I had an influx of questions on Instagram. I really love the interactive part of the job and see a rise in interest in people wanting to create a beautiful home for themselves.


Credits: To Interior Design


Are you working on anything new at the moment? What’s the inspiration behind what you working on at the moment?

Theresa Obermoser – We are currently working on 11 projects, the most exciting and prestigious is a private members club in Vienna. This is big for us, but also for Austria as it is the first private members club in the country. I have been living in London for 7 years now and have had the opportunity to spend time in private members clubs, so have drawn inspiration from the likes of Annabel’s and Soho House. This mixed with studying the design history of Vienna; I think we are creating a look that is unique and will attract the international crowd in the city who are seeking the nearly interpreted Viennese style.

What would you say is the trend at the moment in the design world – creatively speaking?

Theresa Obermoser – I can see that people are moving away from minimalism. More is more- in all different styles. I have noticed a shift in previous clients who previously liked it very clean-cut, asking for patterned wallpapers and cushions with tassels and fringes here and there.


Credits TO Interior Design


How would you describe the client type of the Studio? What do they do, what do they like, what projects are they involved in?

Theresa Obermoser – We have a mixed clientele, demographic wise I would say young successful professionals, B2B and B2C. When starting out we mostly worked with young brands but as we are expanding, we work with more and more clients who are looking to invest in luxurious houses. Our clients work in a number of professions, ranging from fashion blogger, portfolio manager for a hedge fund, restaurateur to property developers. I think what they all have in common is just that they like our style ;).


When it comes to craftsmanship; what’s the Studio view on it?

Theresa Obermoser – Good craftsmanship is crucial to the successful execution of a project. It is one thing to design something beautiful on paper, but another thing to find the right craftsmen to deliver high-quality work. In London, Ibiza, and Vienna I have a good network of people for everything, every time we start a new project in a different location I plan 3 weeks extra to allow time to find the right people and to see examples of their work.


Credits: TO Interior Design



What do you think will be the focus in the design world in the future? – Any particular changes that you would like to see happening especially due to this pandemic?

Theresa Obermoser – I think in the pandemic interior design got a big up, as people are spending more time at home. They are realizing the importance of home offices and having a beautifully comfortable place to live in. We all hope this pandemic is over soon, but I think that the mindset will stay. Companies will save a lot of money on office spaces, so the work from home lifestyle is just the new way to do it!



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