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Interview With Marco Costa, the CEO of Luxury Design Brand Boca do Lobo

Draw experience and surprise. These are the philosophies of Boca do Lobo, one of the most exclusive luxury design brands in the world. Born to break up the monotony and cliché: The pieces are exuberant, recovering techniques and materials that reflect on the heritage of the country, as the golden leaf, for example. Marco Costa, as the CEO and creative director, gives voice to this philosophy.


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As CEO, Marco Costa uses “responsibility” and “challenge” to describe his position at Boca do Lobo. Aware that he still has a long path ahead, Marco Costa uses this motto as a motivation to improve himself and his work every day, empowered by his experienced and skilled team, which he claims “they always go beyond the expected, always improving and trying to be better every day.


As a creative director at Boca do Lobo, Marco also needs to have an inventive mind, with no boundaries, that fully embraces the brand’s essence. But where does he find his inspiration? The answer couldn’t be easier: from the most exquisite artists around the globe to the nature-inspired pieces of art, simple objects and sculptures, and even in the texture of the different materials, he can find. At Boca do Lobo Design Studio, the team works by closely following the design world while still being artists at their core: “There is a crossover of art and design.” Even though his drive is to create new experiences and explore new materials and techniques, Marco Costa also never forgets that “functional” is a mandatory part of every design and so, “we want to create pieces or objects of art that are a part of people’s lives that can be passed from generation to generation”.

“The Art of Designing and Crafting Exclusive Pieces”

“The Art of Designing and Crafting Exclusive Pieces” is the life motto of Boca do Lobo and what distinguishes it from the other brands in the design world. Introducing Portuguese craftsmanship in contemporary piecesBoca do Lobo also allows ancient techniques to survive, as some of them are almost extinguished. “The link is in the complementarity that both parties have been able to find in the relationship that unites them: on the one hand we needed a singularity that only craftsmanship can give us and accommodate what we want to create, but on the other, we help these arts to be reborn… Each piece is unique, each gold leaf does not sit the same way twice.


Divided into five collections, with different identities, the CEO of Boca do Lobos stands out the Limited Edition, as the bestseller and the standard-bearer, with iconic pieces as the Diamond Sideboard or the Pixel Cabinet. “The Limited Edition and Private Collection are collections with more rich techniques and materials. For example, the Pixel cabinet from Limited edition has 1088 triangles and they need to be applied one by one.” However, Soho and Coolors are the pioneer collections of the Boca do Lobo they fulfill its identity. Serving a higher luxury public, Marco Costa highlights the Private Collection.


Looking at Boca do Lobo‘s recent pieces is possible to see a change, an evolution as the brand has gradually lost his timidity and realized that its pieces can easily adapt to spaces and projects. “The essence, the charisma, and the boldness are there, but in a more versatile way,” explains Marco.

Finding the balance between the market and the brand’s identity


Never forgetting that Boca do Lobo is a brand with commercial intent, finding the balance between what the market searches for and the identity of the brand are crucial. Boca do Lobo‘s audience “demands an experience with design for the exclusive world of luxury and art,” explains Marco Costa, because the brand is physically present in the main capitals, allowing its customers to see, touch and feel, the uniqueness that only Boca do Lobo can offer.


Boca do Lobo’s digital presence is one of its mains weapons, inspiring and surprising with the best of the brand’s world. Sharing projects and pieces are some of the brand’s actions in the digital world. With a passionate and dedicated team, the brand keeps innovating and searching for strategies to accomplish a strong presence in the web world, improving notoriety through blogs, social media, and magazines. “I believe that the fact that we show us behind the scenes, without fears, also helps because it is part of our essence, our creative side, that makes all the difference.”


“…for 2021, the brand will surprise the Design Industry…”


With its eyes on the future, 2021 reserves surprises and challenges, as the brand won’t be present in design trade shows. “The fact that we already have the loyalty of some clients that have been consolidated with our custom and bespoke pieces” is one of the year’s main strategies. The ‘happy customers’ we have gathered throughout the years are the impulses behind our goals. It is our special ‘secret formula’, but it works. “Our clients are for sure design lovers, people who aren’t afraid to take risks. Usually, they are very self-assured and with a keen eye for details. They love to have something different and special, to have a meaningful story to tell. The value the good things yet with the best quality.”  Our Marketing team is doing an amazing job keeping our public always interested. The relation with Boca do Lobo lovers is always fantastic in our Social Media and Brand Blogs. The Brand believes that if every possible path is done with excellence, then the results will come naturally.


Talking business, an expansion to other areas would be a boost for Boca do Lobo. As for a business that could boost the brand, Marco Costa points out the importance of partnerships to “surprise and innovate and have a boom in every corner of the world.“ Sustained Growth is also one of Boca do Lobo‘s goals, as it gives the brand freedom to risk, never forgetting the “minimization of errors and impairments.” When it comes to products and collections, “for 2021, the brand will surprise the industry with some epic news about the world of collections and new design products.

Stay with us to discover more about Boca do Lobo

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