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Inspired by the movement of the fern blossom, a recurring theme in René Lalique‘s work, Lalique Tourbillons abstract design allows for the utmost freedom of interpretation. Graphics and poetic, its curves stunningly follow the rhythm of light, drawing the eye into whirls of crystal and light, Limited Edition of 999.

Lalique Tourbillons was a renowned glass design. He became known for his stunning creations of perfume bottles, jewelry, chandeliers.

In 1926 the designer created the Tourbillons Vase. Inspired by the movement of the fern blossom, its abstract design allows for the utmost freedom of interpretation. Add a touch of color with the vase in a fresh light green hue.

Tourbillons Limited Edition has been designed in a green crystal and makes a stunning addition to any collection. This piece is also available in various other colors and sizes.

 Inspired by the movement of the fern blossom, it features beautiful curves which follow the rhythm of light and draw the eye into the swirls of crystal. Handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in France, the glass vase makes a wonderful gift idea for any special occasion.

The world-renowned French jewelry designer and glassmaker, René Lalique, this internationally admired brand is the epitome of French luxury and opulence.

Among the vast range of highly collectible designs contained in the extensive Lalique catalog is a very special section featuring limited and numbered editions, including Tourbillons.

Tourbillons Vase combines graphic, geometric and poetic design to grand effect. Keep on your credenza or dining room table for a lustrously striking display.

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