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100 Products: Contemporary Alufoil Chair by Christopher Schanck

The contemporary Alufoil Chair by Christopher Schanck was born in 2015 and it is already a renowned piece among the design field. Discarded materials are sculpted, covered in aluminum foil, and then sealed with resin, distorting the design Alufoil chair as sculptural works that while being peculiar, still project their functional goal.

In the conceiving process, no machines are involved due to Detroit-based artist’s trademark technique, using preferably marginalized techniques and the use of humble materials to create objects of singular luxury. The final pieces are usually both durable and light. The industrial chair is part of the ‘Alufoil’ series which pours the dichotomy between materiality and the actuality with handcraft aesthetic.

“If you make a commitment to something very ordinary, you can still realize something special,” says the designer in an interview to Architectural Digest.

The famous product designer is known for embracing contradiction in his work, being especially interested in materials and design processes that are not traditionally associated with luxury, mass-production, or even the standards of perfection. He aims to turn every product into a unique, limited edition piece of furniture.

On his portfolio are commissioned works for some of the best luxury brands and designers worldwide such as Tom Ford, with a desk and chair from the line for the fashion brand’s flagship on Madison Avenue, Christian Dior or even Peter Marino that commissioned an Alufoil circular bench for the Dior boutique in Manhasset, New York. Nowadays, he is represented by Johnson Trading Gallery in New York and Almine Rech in Paris.


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