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Known for his crazy creations, Alexander McQueen left a unique legacy. His ability to produce something unusual was marked in the world of fashion, design and still, today is considered one of the greatest designers of all time.

McQueen left several icons during his career. And one of them was the Knuckle clutches. Rectangular models of rounded ends that vary in color, leather, embroidery, and details.

Alexander McQueen‘s plush red velvet clutch is decorated with scores of crystals arranged in an intricate floral motif. Made in Italy this exclusive red velvet clutch has a clasp fastening at the top making this item even more useful.

The suede-lined interior has just enough room to store your keys, cards, and lipstick. It’s topped with the brand’s iconic knuckle duster clasp in polished gold.

The Knuckle Clutch have the same shapes as a skull but can vary for larger sizes, always keeping the same format. What most call attention are the creations of the knuckle. Always full of information in minute detail.

The Designer created a line of perfect front-row accessories, with a glamorous and sophisticated Swarovski crystals collection that has a hint of the knuckle-dusting East End of London.

Intended to be a reworking of the classic skull clutch, the design turns the brutality of the knuckle duster into an adaptable, sleek gold-tone knuckleduster handle, showcasing Alexander McQueen’s idiosyncratic approach to accessory design.

One piece takes the form of a rectangular unique clutch, with the brand’s famous skull sitting on top of the piece like a hawk, waiting for your fingers to be slipped through the four knuckle holes. With an accent of aubergine, it will add just the right amount of British rock to your style.

This unique and exquisite Knuckle Clutch is available in more than one color, for everyone taste and edgy style. The interior designer Alexander McQueen created one of the most exclusive and boldest collections of crystals ever seen.

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