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A Curated And Unique Selection: 100 Top Product Designers – Part VII

One Hundred Edition presents a curated selection of the 100 Top Product Designers, recognized creators that stood out in the artistic industry, the product design world. This is the SEVENTH PART of the One Hundred Edition‘s fine selection of 100 Top Product Designers: take a look and discover more about ten hardworking minds who designed some of the most unique pieces in the world.


61. Claude Lalanne

Collected by Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford among others, Claude Lalannewas more interested in the intimate processes of nature, emerging an aesthetic that is sometimes fragile but just as often enthusiastic.


62. Gabriella Crespi

Known for her singular furniture designsGabriella Crespi was a creative Italian designer whose work spans furniture designjewelry, and sculpture. Her conceptions continually balanced design with sculptural abstraction, always mesmerizing juxtapositions bred from her inspiration for the designs.


63. Fernando Mastrangelo

All of his artworks are sculpted by hand from natural or repurposed materials such as sand, salt, silica, and crushed or powdered glass. The top product designer’s passionate concern with ecological issues continues to influence his growing design language.


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64. Gareth Neal

The artist conceives a strong narrative throughout his works, and as one of the best product designers in the world, he has the mastery of translating contextual references into interesting objects of contemporary design.


65. Gabriel Scott

Based in Montreal and recognized as one of the best product designers in the world, brothers-in-law Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler have been creating and producing custom-made designs since 2004.


66. Barnaby Barford

From the amusing cultural critique that characterized the early porcelain figurines to the more recent social commentary of installations and drawings, Barnaby Barford is one of the best product designers who use familiar iconography to destabilize the telling of ancient cautionary tales within a contemporary context.


67. Tokujin Yoshioka

Active in the fields of modern designarchitecture, and contemporary art, the top product designer is extremely acclaimed internationally with creative works themed in nature, which also reflect the Japanese idea of beauty.


68. Jonathan Zawada

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, Jonathan Zawada is one of the best product designers and a creative artist who works across the music, publishing, fashion, and corporate industries.


69. Studio Nendo

The Studio Nendo is always concerned with providing something special and a brief escape from everyday life. This dynamic goal is applied to a wide variety of product designs and to household goods concepts and architecture.


70. Ben Storms

Ben Storms is a Belgian top product designer and craftsman who thinks in terms of materials, converting materials to captivating shapes by using state-of-the-art techniques.


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