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A Curated And Unique Selection: 100 Top Product Designers – Part VI

One Hundred Edition presents a supreme selection of the 100 Top Product Designers, recognized personalities that stood out in this creative and artistic industry, the product design world. This is the SIXTH PART of the  One Hundred Edition‘s unique selection of 100 Top Product Designers: take a look and discover more about ten creative minds who designed and produced some of the most marvelous pieces in the world.


51. Christopher Gentner

With a BFA in metalsmithing from the Cleveland Institute of Art and apprenticeships under sculptors and jewelers, Christopher Gentner’s dedication to the craftsmanship was developed: the top product designer always brings his design philosophy to each furniture or lighting piece that he creates.


52. Marcin Rusak

Specialized in storytelling, process, and material investigation, his creative works often incorporate research, object, and installation as well as visual creations to explore overlooked details.


53. Ron Arad

As a contemporary Israeli industrial and product designer, artist, and modern architect, he is responsible for numerous innovations in the fields of rapid manufacturing and integrated technology.


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54. Jasper Morrison

His work in design and thoughts on the subject cannot be underestimated and are a constant source of inspiration for generations of designers.


55. Erwan Boulloud

Combining the traditional techniques of modern art and cabinet making, with digital design and metalworking, the top product designer draws a collection of fine art pieces pushing boundaries of furniture manufacturing as sculptural and practical conceptions.


56. Damien Gernay

His creative work is highly experimental, driven by his desire to challenge borders between art and design. To date, his practice spans furniture, lighting, and accessories. His craftsmanship pieces often reflect a reverence for nature and the mysterious.


57. Nathalie Dewez

Nathalie Dewez brings delicate attention to the duality of ‘matter and non-matter‘, which she sees as being at the core of all lighting devices; giving an important emphasis to real function as well as on the quality of light in both on and off situations.


58. Xavier Lust

His unique design is clearly identifiable through the visible tension he gives to his objects.


59. Anna Karlin

Anna Karlin is a true designer, working across mediums from digital and print to interiors and set design. Her design philosophy is to create a world of beautifully designed and crafted objects.


60. Constance Guisset

Her work finds applications in industrial design, stage design, interior design, and videos. It is directed by an interest in illusion, lightness, and surprise. The top product designer produces and creates moving objects to raise amazement and fascination.


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