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A Curated And Unique Selection: 100 Top Product Designers – Part V

One Hundred Edition presents a special and marvelous selection of the 100 Top Product Designers, recognized personalities that stood out in this creative and artistic industry, the product design world. This is the FIFTH PART of the  One Hundred Edition‘s emblematic selection of 100 Top Product Designers: take a look and discover more about ten creative minds who designed and created some of the most unique pieces in the world.


41. Oskar Zieta

Together with his team, Oskar Zieta comes from radical, bold philosophy of design and production process with FiDU technology. Throughout the design process, they reach the best possible synergy between technology and modern design.


42. Brian Thoreen

Brian Thoreen is a recognized Los Angeles and Mexico City-based top product designer who creates and produces modern furniturecontemporary art pieces, and installations that gather his own design philosophy from the integral nature of the materials within the application.


43. Christopher Boots

As one of the best product designers on the planet, he established his own design studio – the Christopher Boots Studio – that was founded on material and metaphysical exploration of quartz crystal, birthing a signature aesthetic.


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44. Jurgen Bey


Throughout his career, the top product designer had participated in numerous public projects and museum exhibitions. Jurgen Bey’s vast body of work comprises furniture design, product design, and interior and public space design.


45. Angelo Mangiarotti


As one of the most important personalities in 20th-century Italian culture, his contemporary design approach was rooted in the firm belief that architecture was a practical discipline and that industrial design was an expression of fine craftsmanship.


46. Arik Levy

As a founder of his own design studioArik Levyemploys a multi-disciplinary approach in both the art and industrial design fields. His creative works have been included in multiple museum collections.


47. Bec Brittain

Most notorious for her otherworldly pendant lights, her fertile imagination has produced a body of work distinguished by its luxurious finishes and conceptual dynamism.


48. Christopher Schanck

Christopher Schanck is a Detroit-based top product designer who embraces contradiction in his creative work, finding a comfortable place between the distinctions of dilapidation and assemblage, individual and collective, industrial and handcraft, romanticism, and cynicism.


49. Eric Schmitt

His stunning work features contemporary, fluid forms that have been melted, carved, or blown using solid materials such as bronze, alabaster, marble, and Bohemian glass.


50. Ettore Sottsass

Drawing inspiration from such movements as Art Deco and Pop Art, the top product designer produced and exhibited furniture and objects that were vibrant in color and futuristic in design. Ettore Sottsass’s own work was recognized for its variety, oftentimes including playfulness through ornamentation and color.


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