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A Curated And Unique Selection: 100 Top Product Designers – Part IX

One Hundred Edition presents a curated selection of the 100 Top Product Designers, notorious furniture artists that stood out in the design industry, the product design world. This is the NINTH PART of the One Hundred Edition‘s curated selection of 100 Top Product Designers: take a look and discover more about ten creative minds who designed some of the most unique pieces in the world.


81. Frederik Molenschot

The top product designer belongs to the Dutch Design Movement. He founded the Studio Molen in 2005 and has been working with a group of talented professionals in the field of art, design, and architecture ever since.


82. Christopher Prinz

Recognized as one of the best product designers in the world, Christopher Prinz is an Omaha based industrial designer seeking and looking to expose extreme, contemporary, modern, and rarely visible possibilities of materials and processes associated with manufacturing and construction.


83. Pieke Bergmans

Her main goal as one of the best product designers is to combine function, form, and message in a single elegant gesture. Whether working with porcelain, plastic, or glass it always results in pure and fine art pieces that are of elementary natural beauty.


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84. Brooksbank and Collins

Tom Brooksbank is a top architect and Allan Collins is a fine artist and product designerBrooksbank And Collins was founded in 2012 and is a design studio located in London: their main goal is to explore the overlap of art and architecture within the design of furniture and decorative objects.


85. Po Shun Leong

The top product designer’s methods continue to evolve, from the complex to the simple. Furthermore, he has been experimenting with bent plywood forms to produce affordable furniture with a unique design.


86. Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius has become known for the manner in which she fuses industry and craft, high- and low-tech, traditional, and contemporary.


87. Sam Baron

The top product designer reinterprets traditional methods of construction, raising questions about the utility of today’s material productions and the true relevance of craftsmanship.


88. Nika Zupanc

All her modern design pieces carry an emotional charge as well as being exquisitely finished. Her visual language comes from deep within and is about “communicating the things that cannot be told.”


89. Roberto Giulio Rida

His furniture design pieces are bold, fun, sophisticated, and cerebral. Each artwork made by him is unmatched in their expressiveness and craftsmanship. Much of his work is the result of research and experimentation.


90. Zhoujie Zhang

To create his fine art piecesZhoujie Zhang inputs basic mathematical instructions into a computer and allows the program to generate their forms.


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