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A Curated And Unique Selection: 100 Top Product Designers – Part II

One Hundred Edition presents a meticulous selection of the 100 Top Product Designers, a special selection of the personalities that stood out in this creative and artistic industry, the product design world. This is the SECOND PART of the  One Hundred Edition‘s exquisite selection of 100 Top Product Designers: take a look and discover more about ten art workers who designed and conceived some of the most iconic pieces in the world.


11. Brodie Neill

During his career, Brodie Neill has worked with an inspiring roster of clients including Riva 1920, Swarovski and Kundalini. He has also collaborated with international brands including Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and Alexander McQueen, and his limited edition artworks are included and exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections around the globe.


12. Gaetano Pesce

In all his work, Gaetano Pesce expresses his guiding principle: the modernism is less a style than a method for interpreting the present and hinting at the future in which individuality is preserved and celebrated.


13. Maarten De Ceulaer

Known and recognized for his evocative, poetic, transcendent and playful touches and details, Maarten De Ceulaer creates iconic modern furniture pieces to stir people’s emotions and to inspire their imagination.


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14. Studio Job

As pioneers of contemporary conceptual and sculptural art, Studio Job combines traditional and modern techniques to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects and sculptural furniture that shares little with the reigning aesthetic of minimalism and sparseness.


15. Lee Broom

His unique design pieces are both exclusive yet familiar: the top product designer struggles to embrace and discover new themes while keeping an overarching house style.


16. Haas Brothers

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Haas Brothers transcend the modern art and contemporary design world with their mystical and unique creative works.


17. Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas is considered to be one of the most influential Dutch and top product designers of the 21st century. Usually described as an “author designer,” of which his works lie on the boundaries among art and design.


18. Mattia Bonetti

Mattia Bonetti is a Paris-based artist and top product designer whose creativity is limitless. With a huge skill and imagination to create a range of supreme and remarkable works, from the most scrupulous and exact, to the most strange and unusual.


19. Stefan Bishop

As a self-taught artist and top product designer, for over 20 years, Stefan Bishop sought out and worked with distinct masters from a variety of disciplines educating himself and letting his vision mature.


20. Maria Pergay

Best known for her unique use of stainless steel in producing tables, belt buckles, decorative artifacts, iconic chairs, and daybeds, Maria Pergay’s pieces often feature organic shapes such as waves, rings, and shells.


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