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A Curated And Unique Selection: 100 Top Product Designers – Part I

One Hundred Edition presents a meticulous selection of the 100 Top Product Designers, a special selection of the personalities that stood out in this creative and artistic industry, the product design world. This is the FIRST PART of the  One Hundred Edition‘s exquisite selection of 100 Top Product Designers that are embellishing people’s days with their sense of high creativity and contemporary design. Take a look and get curious about the next part!


1. Ado Chale

Recognized for his exquisite and marvelous mosaic inlays, his modern furniture pieces are a pure reference to the natural world, not only through the use of precious stones, metals, and organic materials, but also through the textures, patterns, and forms they express.


2. Alessandro Mendini

For the top product designer, the key element was always a clever hybrid between modern art and unique design resulting in popular objects that achieve great commercial success. Alessandro Mendini changed the landscape of modern design through his quintessential works of postmodernism.


3. Hervé Van Der Straeten

Born in France, Hervé Van Der Straeten is a master of craftsmanship. During his artistic career, the top product designer creates and builds exceptionally well-crafted furniture, mirrors, and accessories with a unique design and a real taste for the unreal and the unexpected.


4. Zaha Hadid

Her antagonistic geometric designs are characterized by a sense of fragmentation, instability, and movement. Recognized as Dame, Zaha Hadid was a pioneering architect and top product designer who rethought the way buildings and products are shaped with no straight lines and modern design details.


5. Nacho Carbonell

His splendid artworks have attracted museums – the Groningen Museum in the Netherlands and the 2121 Museum in Japan – and immersive collaborations like with Galleria Rossana Orlandi, which represents his work in Milan, Italy.


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6. Lara Bohinc

The top product designer has been devoted to fashion, jewelry, and architecture from an early age. She worked for some high-end brands like Cartier, Gucci and Guy Laroche. Her work is versatile: Lara Bohinc is a passionate believer in the universality of a good unique design.


7. Vincenzo De Cotiis

As a craftsmanship lover and with a huge interest in the passage of time and historical memory, his creative process combines intellectual and artistic research, and also mix luxurious materials with salvaged fiberglass, stone, and wood.


8. Juan and Paloma Garrido

As top product designers, the brothers Juan And Paloma Garrido approach their designs with an avant-garde sensibility and their artworks employ the geometry and angularity of Cubism, a rational clarity radiates from the smooth, unadorned surfaces, forming a study in volume and line.


9. Piero Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti was a tremendously rich and multifaceted personality: printer, product designer, stylist, painter, collector, craftsman, and an art gallery manager.


10. Barlas Baylar

Widely recognized for his minimalist conceptions that unite organic nature with sleek antiseptic postmodernism, Barlas Baylar is one of the best product designers in the world.


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