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100 U.A.E – 10 Fashion & Design Brands

100 U.A.E - 10 Fashion Designers & Instagram Acounts to Follow
100 U.A.E - 10 Fashion Designers & Instagram Acounts to Follow

We always search for inspiration in everything, especially on Fashion and Product Designers. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people present themselves. Is such an important inspiration for us, so we need to search and always be a step ahead on trends and ideas, so today we bring to you de Top 10 Fashion & Design Brands you need to watch out on U.A.E

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One of Dubai’s most famous abaya designers, Faiza Bouguessa is bringing to life the traditional abaya of the region and making it fashionable and hip to wear. With her innovative designs, bold colors and fabrics, the brand continues to gain widespread international attention for modern hijab-friendly fashion.


House of Nomad

The House of Nomad is now a well-established fashion icon throughout the world, winning several design awards. Their sleek styles and minimalist fashion sense has won fans from all different areas of fashion and design.



Famous for her marble box clutches, regional Instagram celebrity Lilian Afshar has taken both Dubai and the rest of the world by storm. Her brand is now international, and continues to grow, with her most recent collection of whimsical clutches, each named after a character from a Wes Anderson movie.


Nafsika Skourti

With her bold, youthful designs and her feminist and daring fashion sense, Skourti has gained favor with the politically savvy and is becoming one of the most sought-after streetwear fashion designers. Recently a part of the Burberry’s Art of the Trench Project and recognized as a regional trendsetter, Skourti’s clothing line is one of the most exciting to look out for from Dubai.

Nathalie Trad

Since the launch of her Dubai-based fashion brand, bag designer Nathalie Trad has branded herself as an internationally acclaimed fashion success. She has gained widespread celebrity fans, from the likes of Solange Knowles and Olivia Palermo to Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz.


 Nadine Kanso

Although she also works as an artist and photographer, Nadine Kanso’s Bil Arabi jewelry line is what is making headlines around the world. With fans like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, each of her pieces is embedded with Arabic letters or symbols of her Arabic culture; making each piece truly unique.


Inspired by her travels abroad from her hometown of Dubai, designer Ayah Tabari’s collection showcases clothing named after countries or cultures that have spoken to her through fashion. What in part makes her brand so appealing is the fact that much of her pieces are seasonless and timeless, making every skirt or blouse in-style no matter what.

Rami Al Ali

Al Ali, with his couture designs and luxurious classic fashion sense, has taken the fashion world by storm. Besides being one of the highlights of Paris Couture Week every year, he’s won fans such as Beyonce Knowles, Chanel Iman, and Kerry Washington.


Launched by Reema Al Banna in 2009, this brand has one of the strongest feminist stands in fashion in both the region and the world. Not only is her fashion line daring and quirky, but behind each piece of clothing is a message on the strength of women and power of solidarity.

Taller Marmo

Although the designers Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea are Italianthis brand was launched and grew in Dubai’s vibrant fashion community. Specializing in a modern-take on suits for both men and women, this clothing line has gained quick international recognition for its unique mix of tradition and innovation.

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