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100 Top Product Designer: Xavier Lust

Born in 1969, Xavier Lust is one of the best product designers in the entire world. He studied interior design in Brussels where he opened his own design studio in 1992. Since 2000, his modern furniture designs have been produced by leading Italian furniture brands such as MDF Italia, De Padova, and Driade. Do you want to explore some of these pieces? One Hundred Edition presents a curated selection of striking pieces created by the top product designer.


“My creative approach is to try to steer clear of the designer’s usual stumbling blocks by evolving production systems that result in objects with innovative volumes. Longevity is a quality that relates to the wear and tear not only of the object but also of the user.”

Xavier Lust


Bee Chair


Confluence Rectangular Table


Confluence Round Table

“A piece of furniture may give pleasure or spark an emotion that is linked to the idea of beauty. Innovation is a key aspect of the genuine character of any creation.”

Xavier Lust


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Floral Stool

His unique design is clearly identifiable through the visible tension he gives to his objects. The curves are inspired by his innovative (de)formation process of metallic surfaces. Also, his creative works is been shown in over 50 design exhibitions worldwide.


La Table Basse


Le Banc

Xavier Lust also developed this amazing technique for the deformation of metal surfaces. This revolutionary technique allowed the material to express itself in a natural and fluid movement. The deformation of metal increases resistance while being economical in both material and means of production.



As a symbol of a revolutionary design, the top product designer Xavier Lust produces innovative designs in curved aluminum. Thanks to the technique he developed to fold aluminum and his experience in this material, the realization of the Picnik became possible. The idea for the Picnik table originated from Dirk Wynants, who had been searching for a solution for small-sized terraces in urban environments.


S Table Cristalplant Table


Source Table


S-Table Bronze


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