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100 Top Product Designer: Vincenzo De Cotiis

Known for being recognized as the architect and product designer who pairs salvaged materials to make beautifully imperfect creations, Vincenzo De Cotiis was born in Italy and studied Architecture in Milan. As a pioneer of the global collectible design scene, the top product designer founded his design studio in 1997 and since then, he creates unique and remarkable projects and artworks: One Hundred Edition presents to you some of these one-of-a-kind and limited-edition masterpieces.


‘The simplest things give me an immense amount of pleasure. I know how to retain my happiness and move on to the next thing. I feel peace when I see something that has worked perfectly, the way I imagined it in my mind.”

Vincenzo de Cotiis


After Glow for Ceccotti Collezioni


Busnelli F.T.B. Open Bookcase


Contemporary Table/ Steel/ Rectangular for Ceccotti Collezioni

Vincenzo De Cotiis works with secondhand materials, often marked by time and wear, and gives new interpretations to precious materials. As a craftsmanship lover and with a huge interest in the passage of time and historical memory, his creative process combines intellectual and artistic research, and also mix luxurious materials with salvaged fiberglass, stone, and wood.


DC 225/290 for Ceccotti Collezioni


DC10 for Rossana


Tactile Armchair for Baxter


Vincenzo De Cotiis brings a unique signature aesthetic: the “perfect imperfection” with some new collectible designs, a result and a combination of stunning fine art pieces which are a reminiscence of nature and abstract forms.


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DC1611 High Quality Cabinet


DC 317 Low Cabinet


Table DC1802


Table DC1807


As one of the best product designers in the world, his work is loaded with a contemporary design and unique sensibility. His creative projects and products were displayed at remarkable art galleries like Carpenters Workshop Gallery, and at leading global design fairs including Design Miami/ Basel, PAD London, TEFAF, Design Dubai, and Art Paris.


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