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100 Top Product Designer: Steve Leung

Based in Hong Kong, Steve Leung is an internationally recognized interior and product designer for his dedication to contemporary style, whilst employing a skillful and sophisticated adoption of Asian culture. Each of these elegant and modern pieces has a striking unique touch that reflects its superiority with the streamlined design, creating a clean silhouette while complementing the design details. One Hundred Edition presents to you some of his luxury furniture pieces: take a look and get amazed!


“Design is a universal language and can break through all boundaries”.

Steve Leung


Amour Nightstand


Coffee Table Allure Attraction


Covet Deep Desire Armchair

The top product designer aims at putting his personal attitude and design philosophy “Enjoy Life – Enjoy Design” in practice and sharing the art of living with others through his architectural, interior, and product design.


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Covet Dining Chair in Oak


Dressing Table Adorn



Floor Lamp Stance

His collaboration with luxury furniture brands, especially with Theodor Alexander, evokes a feeling reminiscent of the sanctuary, protection, and relaxation. His furniture pieces with a unique design encompass a casual and inviting contemporary look that explores “the luxury of serenity” – a modern design concept of personal retreat which embraces serenity and temperateness worthy of today’s contemporary interior.


Media Cabinet Connoisseur


Round Wall Mirror Enhance


Bed Amour II


Pirouette Round Dining Table

Steve Leung’s work is based on a strong and unique character of minimalism, with a skillful infusion of Asian culture and arts, resulting in rich and textured environments.


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