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100 Top Product Designer: Stefan Bishop

Recognized as one of the best product designers, Stefan Bishop is an authentic autodidact who worked for a number of modern furniture makers and high-end brands before launching his own company. If you want to discover more about this top product designer, take a look at some of his creative works.



Facet #2



Stefan Bishop was raised in the deep woods of southern Oregon on goat’s milk and honey. Ferns, sawdust, wood smoke, and moss were the fabric of his background. Inspired by the gigantic woods of the west coast, his work commands the space around it while telling the story of the solidity and power of the elements, and also the desire to shape a beautiful world. Each of his modern furniture and craftsmanship pieces seeks a balance between nature and creative forces.


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Monolith #22



As a self-taught artist and top product designer, for over 20 years, Stefan Bishop sought out and worked with distinct masters from a variety of disciplines educating himself and letting his vision mature. With this education, Bishop absorbed critical attention to form and the intricacies of wood as a medium, while continually refining the skill in his hands and developing his own visual and conceptual vocabulary and unique design personality.


Orka #11


Puddle #5 & #6 De La Torre

His design concept is a combination of architecture, design, sculpture, and spatial understanding. His works of art range from the subtle and organic to the rigorously structured and complex.


Rhea #1


Ring Table #13 Console


Zoetic Coffee Table for Ralph Pucci

In 2011, Stefan Bishop established his design studio near downtown Los Angeles and since 2017 he displays his most stunning artworks at contemporary art galleries in New York.


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