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100 Top Product Designer: Roberto Giulio Rida

Born in Milan, Roberto Giulio Rida is one of the best known and recognized product designers in the world. He attended the Brera Academy and after his military service, he began trading art objects. Specialized in the Arts of the twentieth century, Roberto Giulio Rida is an accomplished and atypical artist. Each of his most creative works invites any design-lover to visit a strange world where science fiction collides with the Italian Renaissance.



Coffee Table “Blu Profondo”


“Compasso Circular” Cocktail Table


Diamante blu table lamp

As a top product designer, Roberto Giulio Rida‘s work is ever-changing because of his passion for exploration and his need to constantly challenge himself. His furniture design pieces are bold, fun, sophisticated, and cerebral. Each artwork made by him is unmatched in their expressiveness and craftsmanship. Much of his work is the result of research and experimentation.


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Fin, Studio-Built Table Lamps


Gialli Infiniti Mirror

Notorious for being a famous and contemporary Italian furniture master and creator, his unique designs are symbolized by his use of unrepeatable materials. Inspired by plants, animals, and all aspects of nature, he energizes his product pieces through his daring use of color and form.




Minosse Cabinet

The top product designer conceives furniture and lamps, choosing rare and precious materials, employing master craftsmen for the processing of glass, bronze, and wood, and above all giving absolute priority to complete creative freedom, to the point of almost discouraging the practical use of his products. All these craftsmanship masterpieces feature stunning architectural forms and sumptuously decorated.


Orione sideboard


Pair of Table Lamps


Settimanile tall chest of drawers

After strong research into material quality and perfect crafting, with this unusual approach to design, Roberto Giulio Rida communicates a poetic sense of hanging in balance between the contemporary and uncontemporary.


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