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100 Top Product Designer: Po Shun Leong

Inspired during his childhood by a huge wooden model of an ocean liner, Po Shun Leong has never lost his fresh outlook on the world. As one of the best product designers in the world, he is responsible for some of the most extraordinary and supreme boxes and furniture design pieces. One Hundred Edition offers to you a curated selection of the most iconic pieces made by Po Shun Leong.


“My architectural training was key to the development of my sculptural works. (…) My method is generally one of a constructivist.”

Po Shun Leong


Ark #1 Unique Mix-Wood Sculpture


Ark #2

The top product designer’s methods continue to evolve, from the complex to the simple. Furthermore, he has been experimenting with bent plywood forms to produce affordable furniture with a unique design.


Ark #3

“Most of my designs are created spontaneously from an idea spark and by playing around with the material, forms, and the help of woodworking machines.”

Po Shun Leong


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Colosseum Coffee Table


Console Table

Imagination. Complexity. Enjoyment. Intrigue. A sense of wonder. The top product designer does not consider his artwork to be perfect. All the striking creations of Po Shun Leong are magnificent and detailed.


Fortune Cookie Stool


Fortune Stool

He works very fast in a spontaneous way. All his modern pieces are prepared by carving or cutting the details and arranged in open trays. The unique design of each of these artworks has helped keep that style relevant and inspirational.


Landscape Box Lamp


Outdoor Aca Chaise


Spider Stool

As a self-taught woodworker, Po Shun Leong uses many kinds of wood: he is continuing to make elaborate wood objects and is developing a line of very simple, sculpturally-inspired furniture.


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