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100 Top Product Designer: Piero Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti was a tremendously rich and multifaceted personality: printer, product designer, stylist, painter, collector, craftsman, and an art gallery manager. Recognized as one of the best product designers in the history of Contemporary Design, Piero Fornasetti was an innovative and creative mind who brings a sense of humor and whimsy to any interior design and craftsmanship product: he created more than 12,000 pieces with a unique design and decorations and One Hundred Edition presents to you some of these iconic products.


“I want to free my inspiration from the limitations of the usual.”

Piero Fornasetti


Born in Italy, Piero Fornasetti lived most of his life in Milan. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Known as a Master of Craftsmanship, Fornasetti used ornamental and pictorial motifs to decorate silk scarves, furniture, plates, vessels, and similar objects. His work was seemed as clever, surreal, and whimsical. In 1959, he received the Neiman-Marcus Award for distinguished service in the field of fashion.


Architettura Trumeau Cabinet


Belle di Notte Table


Chiavi e pistole – Chair

During his career, Fornasetti collected books, magazines and documents on the applied arts, as points of aesthetic reference, sources of inspiration and the materials for his work. The main principle behind all of Piero Fornasetti’s volcanic creativity is that of collecting.


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Farfalle Table


Farfalle Vase


Moro Chair


Plate 150 from “Theme and Variations” series

Fornasetti’s work was influenced by Greek and Roman architecture, surrealism, and metaphysical art. He also used Cavalieri’s visage to decorate his Tema e Variazioni (Theme and Variation) series of plates, which numbered more than 350: his most famous masterpiece! “What inspired me to create more than 350 variations on the face of a woman? I don’t know. I started making them and never stopped.”


Scaletta Folding Screen


Tema e Variazioni Wall Plate – No. 233 – Gold


Unique Madrepore Dining Table and Set of Four Armchairs

His furnishings occupy an exclusive niche in the decorative arts: each of these pieces created by Piero Fornasetti are surreal and impactful and act as functional sculpture.


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