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100 Top Product Designer: Pieke Bergmans

Born in the Netherlands, the artist Pieke Bergmans is one of the most recognized top product designers in the world. She studied at Art School St.Joost-Breda, Design Academy-Eindhoven, ArtEZ-Arnhem, and Royal College of Art-London-Master of Art. Her work is very spontaneous, playful and fresh. Her main goal as one of the best product designers is to combine function, form, and message in a single elegant gesture. Whether working with porcelain, plastic, or glass it always results in pure and fine art pieces that are of elementary natural beauty: One Hundred Edition presents to you some of these unique artworks!





Illusion II


Light Blubs

Pieke Bergmans is considered one of the most important artists working in the twenty-first century, straddling boundaries between art and design: the top product designer occupies an exclusive position in the field, personifying sculptural and installation art and craftsmanship into her oeuvre.


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Phenomenon Sphere


Res Sapiens I

Her work method is based on her study of existing production processes that she then manipulates and reworks. Using this approach, Pieke Bergmans gives the material room to choose its own way. Actually, the top product designer collaborates with technical specialists: some creative works are produced in series under her direction.


Reunion Vases


Unlimited Edition




Wonderlamp with Studio Job

She founded a design studio in Amsterdam and Milan in 2007 and since then realized exhibitions around the globe at furniture fairs, institutes, art galleries, and museums.


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