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100 Top Product Designer: Nathalie Dewez

From Belgium to the world, Nathalie Dewez is one of the best contemporary product designers whose main medium is light and whose materials vary between the metal, glass, and another long-lasting medium. Whether designing light fixtures, objects, furnishings, or large-scale sculptures, One Hundred Edition brings to you some of her most creative works.


“My work seems to me to be light, kind of airy, minimalist, at least in the idea to use as much as possible the potential of the material.”

Nathalie Dewez




Car Light Vases



“If I have to design a product for a specific place, I have to stick to it and let it inspire me. I really like to design a product for a defined space; it happens that the product has a second life afterward for a bigger production. I like this way of working.”

Nathalie Dewez


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Also working as a consultant in Lighting for several architecture offices, her designs reveals his passion for sculptural shapes and superior craftsmanship. Some of the Nathalie Dewez’s most stunning and remarkable pieces can be found in the best and famous collections and were several times awarded.




Inner Light



In 2011, the top product designer received the ‘Design Pierre Bergé Foundation’ award and the same year was nominated Belgian Designer of the Year. Nathalie Dewez brings delicate attention to the duality of ‘matter and non-matter‘, which she sees as being at the core of all lighting devices; giving an important emphasis to real function as well as on the quality of light in both on and off situations.


Standing Moon


Stella Table



Her creative works are characterized by an economic use of means, a unique and contemporary design, minimum use of components, and a focus on ease of production.


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