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100 Top Product Designer: Misha Kahn

According to design technologist John Maeda: “Misha Kahn creates work for a parallel wonderland, where the traditional perception of material and structure is pushed to the edges of the room to make space for one big party.” The top product designer was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1989 and graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011 with a BFA in Furniture Design. If you are a true design-lover, you will fall in love with his iconic pieces: One Hundred Edition presents some of the most unique artworks by Misha Kahn.


“Design has become so graphic lately — everything is about these things that have to photograph really well, or that are fun in this sort of neo-Memphis style — these really crisp shapes. To me, that doesn’t speak to anything that is happening right now.”

Misha Kahn


American Gothic


Back Bend Starfish Puts on all Her Jewels for Her Workout


Coffee Table

“My process usually starts with a pretty rigid vision, but because I’m manufacturing my own things, something always happens that throws everything off.”

Misha Kahn


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Heyerdahl Table

Recognized for assemblage, he integrates refuse and found objects in his furniture and lighting unique designs. Misha Kahn‘s style has been described as “disheveled, spontaneous maximalism”.


Ironing Board


Miss Fishy


Rocks in Your Shoes

For the artist Misha Kahn, less is a bore. Known for his maximal, playful furniture-as-sculpture, his creations are tactile and textured, marrying the functional to the fantastic with an emphasis on the latter.


Saturday Morning Series Large Yellow Mirror


Saturday Morning Series Red Wall Mirror


Slurp, Snap, Arm Akimbo

His creative and iconic work is found in numerous public collections such as the Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, New York), and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Houston, Texas). The top interior designers Kelly Wearstler and Peter Marino are collectors of his work.


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