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100 Top Product Designer: Michael Aram

Notorious and recognized as one of the best product designers in the world, Michael Aram is an award-winning American Armenian artist who has dedicated his career to craft-based design. His career started through a trip to India at age 25, where he won inspiration to create and to establish a second home and design studio there, where he continues to draw creative inspiration today. One Hundred Edition honors the best of contemporary design: discover some of the unique pieces made by Michael Aram!


“My work is a celebration of craft and age-old hand working traditions.”

Michael Aram


Anemone Small Vase


Black Orchid Candleholders


Butterfly Ginkgo Centerpiece Bowl

His work incorporates a wide range of media and reveals a rich and variant source of inspiration: nature, mythology, narrative storytelling, and purified form. The top product designer’s work is also a celebration of craft and age-old hand working traditions. Trained as a painter, sculptor, and art historian, Michael Aram has gracefully applied his varied background to the decorative arts.


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Butterfly Ginkgo Large Centerpiece Bowl


Butterfly Ginkgo Mirror

Highly inspired by his surroundings and often makes sculptures of objects that might otherwise be overlooked in every day, the top product designer is totally inspired by Nature. All his creative artworks combine the imperfections innate in the handmade process with the perfectly imperfect beauty of nature to create objects that reflect humanity.


Calla Lily Marble Box


Calla Lily Rose Bowl Vase


Cherry Blossom Vase


Vincent Candle


White Orchid Vanity Mirror

His craftsmanship pieces are entrenched with a rich storyline, characteristic symbolism, and deep-rooted meaning. Fascinated with the richness of the living crafts tradition, Michael Aram is touched by the talent and humility of gifted artisans. Today, over 200 artisans work alongside him.


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