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100 Top Product Designer: Mattia Bonetti

Mattia Bonetti is a Paris-based artist and top product designer whose creativity is limitless. With a huge skill and imagination to create a range of supreme and remarkable works, from the most scrupulous and exact, to the most strange and unusual. One Hundred Edition presents his works: always so diverse and yet always recollect an element of his own unique style that surprises any design-lover.


Armchair ‘Elle & Lui’


Cabinet ‘Tiger’

Mattia Bonetti’s work is whimsical, surreal and unique. Constantly merging the borders among art and design, the top product designer studied Textile Design at the Centro Scolastico per l’Industria Artistica and moved to Paris in 1972. He started his career working within his chosen field of textile design, but then developed a career as a stylist and photographer.


Chest ‘Harlequin’


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Coffee Table ‘DW4’

His work has always begun with a free-hand sketch, which is then fabricated in materials including patinated bronze, gilding, acrylic, wood, rock crystal, marble, glass, and gemstones.


Coffee Table ‘Lake Como’


Lamp ‘Vase Edward James’

In the 1970s, Mattia Bonetti met the designer Elizabeth Garouste, and their partnership began with the interior décor of the famous Parisian nightclub Le Palace and restaurant Le Privilege, employing a neo-Baroque language, blended with prehistoric and primitive touches. The design duo set the pace for cutting edge Parisian design, creating an inventive design language.


Mirror ‘Rock Crystal Emerald’


Side Table ‘Division’


Table ‘St Moritz’

Constantly working with many of the same craftsmen and ateliers since the beginning of his career, Bonetti’s work pushes technological boundaries, using the most modern skills available including 3D printing, acrylics, and robotics. Each of Mattia Bonetti’s modern furniture piece comes entirely from his personality.


Console ‘Palazzo’

Some of his most creative artworks were included in numerous public collections, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.


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