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100 Top Product Designer: Maria Pergay

Born in 1930 in Moldova, Maria Pergay is a Romanian-born French top product designer best known for her unique use of stainless steel in producing tables, belt buckles, decorative artifacts, iconic chairs, and daybeds. Maria Pergay’s pieces often feature organic shapes such as waves, rings, and shells. She studied costumery, set design, and sculpture at the Institut des Hautes Études Cinématographiques in Paris, before opening her own shop to sell decorative silver objects. Today, her works are held in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and One Hundred Edition presents to you some of her most creative masterpieces.


Applique Ronde / Circle Sconce


Bureau Table



After the Second World War, young architects were developing an approach to interiors and furniture meant to accommodate the pressing requirements of urbanization. Their ideas, fixated largely on function, conquered the field with a utopian spirit that was infusing society as a whole. Maria Pergay was one of these creative minds: born with a sensitivity to luxury, her modern furniture and contemporary objects fulfilled curiosities far from the norms of the time.


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Drapé’ Cabinet


Gerbe Dining Table


Magazine Rack

Maria Pergay pursued her creative instincts working relatively alone: drawing from a multitude of sources, she was provoked by antiquity, Japanese art and the innate nature of her materials. Furthermore, the top product designer created for her own pleasure, exhibiting and selling to clients, while quietly receiving important private commissions.


Ribbon Chair


Table de salle à manger ‘Saturne’, le modèle


Two-seat tambour table



As one of the best product designers in the world, Maria Pergay’s enthusiasm is undeniable and her creative flow is unstoppable. With more than seventy artworks executed during the last years, the recognized artist is working harder than ever to produce and to create a remarkable rush of ideas.


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