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100 Top Product Designer: Marcin Rusak

Born in Warsaw, Marcin Rusak is known as one of the best product designers, a pure artist, and a multidisciplinary professional interested in ideas of value, ephemerality, and aesthetics. Specialized in storytelling, process, and material investigation, his creative works often incorporate research, object, and installation as well as visual creations to explore overlooked details. If you are a design-lover, you must discover more about this top product designer!


“A lot of my work starts as a concept and through the research and process exploration, it becomes a sculptural work to speak about the ideas that intrigue me.”

Marcin Rusak


Flora Credenza 172


Flora Lamp I White


Flora Table 190

“I feel there is a lot to be done in terms of connecting us with the surrounding material culture and creating one of a kind objects that carry meaning to them and as a result a unique relationship with the person that owns them and uses them.”

Marcin Rusak


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Flower Infused Glass 01


Merging Metals Coffee Table 100-1


Merging Metals Console 230-1

Owner and founder of Marcin Rusak Studio, the top product designer explores themes of consumption, ephemerality, aging, decay, and longevity in his work.


Perishable Vase III


Perma 03


Perma 05


Protoplasting Nature 03

In his pursuit of authenticity, Marcin Rusak produces and creates work that asks questions, references history, and proposes possible future scenarios. Applying the power of materials, volume, and form he moves gracefully from decorative art objects to sculptures, two-dimensional work, and back again each time with a story as his guide.


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