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100 Top Product Designer: Juan and Paloma Garrido

As top product designers, the brothers Juan and Paloma Garrido approach their designs with an avant-garde sensibility and their artworks employ the geometry and angularity of Cubism, a rational clarity radiates from the smooth, unadorned surfaces, forming a study in volume and line. As one of the pioneering ateliers and design studios, Garrido Gallery owned by Juan and Paloma Garrido offers creative works with a surprising contrast between old and new, among the antique and the thoroughly modern: One Hundred Edition presents some of their most creative artworks, stunning craftsmanship masterpieces made by the Spanish product designers.


Peaks Round Low Table


Arista Console


Peak Rectangular Coffee Table

Preserving the art of silversmithing a family legacy, Juan and Paloma Garrido offer striking and unique products of the highest level of quality but also one of innovation and modernity. Since 2003, their artworks were displayed in the National Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid. Since then, their craftsmanship pieces with a unique design have been included in individual and collective exhibitions on the international contemporary and applied arts circuit.


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Crystal Console i – Antique Bronze Finish


Oval Crystal Low Table


Pair of candlesticks

Recognized as some of the best product designers, their creations form part of the collections at the National Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid, the National Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving of Marbella and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and also some of their artworks were presented in the most important design events and furniture fairs in the world.


Table Centerpiece


Mirror – Gilt Metal


Ivanny Centerpiece


Arco Vase


Juan and Paloma Garrido use dying techniques to form intensely contemporary designs that strike a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, line and curve, solid and void. Each unique design thoroughly appeals to a sense of balance: the timeless beauty of each fine art piece made by them also marks their success.


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