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100 Top Product Designer: Jonathan Zawada

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, Jonathan Zawada is one of the best product designers and a creative artist who works across the music, publishing, fashion, and corporate industries. Recognized for his varied approach to the discipline of design, the top product designer works as a practicing visual artist. If you want to discover more about Jonathan Zawada, One Hundred Edition presents some of his most iconic furniture design projects!


“All of my exhibition work has loosely revolved around the challenge of making meaningful artifacts out of digital and virtual experiences.”

Jonathan Zawada


Affordances 2


Both Ends Burning, Brass Candleholder


Matter Made


“As a result, my practice tends to weave digital and analog together as much as possible, hopefully stripping away the barriers from each and creating something whole and unifying.”

Jonathan Zawada


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Piece o’ the Pi

Working with oil painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation, the designer also participates in regular exhibitions across art galleries around the world. Jonathan Zawada is also responsible for a couple of really interesting products: his way of working is varied and impressive.


Sener Besim


Third Person


Tru$t Fun! Rug

Centered around the connection of the virtual and the physical both in concept and process, Jonathan Zawada is often looking for to generate tangible artifacts of transient, ephemeral virtual experiences in his creative work. Notorious for his multi-faceted approach to the field of modern art, craftsmanship, and contemporary design which weave both the analog and digital, frequently converging on a blend among the artificial and the natural world.


Woolmark trophy


Both Ends Burning Vase


You Only Reincarnate Infinitely

During his career, Jonathan Zawada has won international awards for his graphic design including two Australian Record Industry Awards (ARIAS) for album artwork and has displayed solo exhibitions of his oil paintings and installations in contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, London, Sydney, and Beijing.


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