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100 Top Product Designer: Jasper Morrison

Known for thinking outside the box, Jasper Morrison is one of the most successful top product designers of the past few decades. With a passion for the history of design, he creates and designs for recognized furniture brands like Cappellini, Vitra, and Fredericia: One Hundred Edition picks some of his most marvelous and contemporary furniture pieces. It’s time to discover more Jasper Morrison, one of the most modern creative minds!


“I think an object needs to be balanced and have a certain naturalness: the balance is about shape and character, the right amount of tension and expression. I draw a lot of inspiration from anonymously designed things and natural atmospheres. I try to learn from them how to recreate the same effect. “

Jasper Morrisson


Cap Armchair


Flower Pot Table



Born in London in 1959, this British top product designer is best known for his work in modern furniture, contemporary lighting, electrical products, and tableware. He graduated in Design from Kingston Polytechnic in 1982 and followed this with a Master’s at the Royal College of Art, and a year at Berlin’s HdK art school on a scholarship.


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O Light



Since 2010, Jasper Morrison has collaborated with high-end furniture brands from all around the world. As an innovative mind and great creator of concepts, he is also the art director of Swiss electronics company Punkt. The top product designer currently has offices in London, Tokyo, and Paris.





His work in design and thoughts on the subject cannot be underestimated and are a constant source of inspiration for generations of designers.




APC Chairs

His modern designs are represented in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and other prominent museum collections around the world.


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