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100 Top Product Designer: JamesPlumb

Founded in 2009 by two top product designersJames Russell and Hannah Plumb – the JamesPlumb is a creative design studio in South London. Inspired by the overlooked, the timeworn, and the paradoxical, the design studio creates one-off and limited-edition craftsmanship pieces. Do you want to explore and to discover some of these contemporary design pieces? One Hundred Edition presents to you the fabulous artworks by JamesPlumb.


“A large part of the design comes through the demolition process which bends and contorts the steel in completely unplanned ways.”



Altar Within


Apothecary Drawers


Chesterfield Table

As some of the best product designers, they are rigorous and exacting in their making, and they make things that are real and solid. James Russell and Hannah Plumb produce and design objects and environments. Their modern objects include sculptures, furniture, and fine art installations.


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Concrete Ladder


Indigo Bench

Their aesthetic is not easily pinned down: there is a love of unorthodox and unconventional beauty. Their masterpieces and environments are enriched with the complex patina of time and life. JamesPlumb admires the obsessively handmade and time-consuming and, as an artists, the creative duo loves that which is in perpetual evolution.


Indigo Luminaire


Pigment Drawers I

The design studio immerses themselves deeply in their creations and they always offer an intense commitment to their clients. The focus is on authentic actions and experiences of living and being.


Steel Roots VI


Tender Pray VI


Unique Piece – Lamp – Studies in Permanence I

JamesPlumb’s often slightly humorous work spans art and design, and frequently repurposes or draws motivation from historic and found objects. The design studio has exhibited across the UK as well as internationally including Milan, Geneva, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


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