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100 Top Product Designer: Hubert Le Gall

As a top product designer, Hubert Le Gall is self-taught and has been learning along the way. His work is a courageous combination of sophisticated and playful. Inspired by the likes of Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau, the Surrealists, and Max Ernst, Hubert Le Gall introduces humor and beauty into everyday life. One Hundred Edition presents to you some of his most iconic creative artworks!


“I am just creating because of my desire to create.” 

Hubert Le Gall


Artist, sculptor and one of the best product designers, Hubert Le Gall uses classic materials to create pieces that inspire laughter and enchantment, while being meticulously crafted. A fixed star on the international art furniture design scene, the top product designer exhibits and sells his work globally. Hubert Le Gall‘s work is a world between art and design, filled with animals, flowers and of his own world and fantasy.


Agathe Mirror


Babeth Limousine Sofa


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Mahe Tortue Des Mers Mirror


Maxou Armchairs

Hubert le Gall perfectly uses his palette to transform our world. Born in 1961, he displayed some of his stunning creations at contemporary art galleries and modern museums, including the Galerie Pierre M. Dumonteil, Shanghai and the Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier.


Nefertiti Table Light


Pastille Side Table

Taking his inspiration from decorative forms from the past, the French artist produces and designs furniture that is at once poetic and functional, juxtaposing ideas in surprising ways and playing on shape, light, and color. He usually works in a variety of materials, including wood, glass, resin and ceramic, his beloved medium is bronze.


Picorette Console


Polyedres Chandelier


Ronron Side Table


Swipp High Cabinet

Hubert Le Gall’s humorous approach and illusion games transform each furniture object into a fine art piece. He is recognized as “The Sculptor of Emotions”.


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