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100 Top Product Designer: Haas Brothers

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Haas Brothers transcend the modern art and contemporary design world with their mystical and unique creative works. One Hundred Edition presents to you some of the out-of-this-world works that relay on the basic human instincts produced by this design studio.




Bathy Bates, Pele De Tigre Marble


Nikolai and Simon, the Haas Brothers, early received tributes for their exceptional craftsmanship and expansive studio practice. Their striking and remarkable works explore aesthetic and formal themes associated to nature, science fiction, sexuality, psychedelia and color theory in prolific materials. Haas Brothers’ mastery and uniquely clever use of materials ranging from brass, bronze, porcelain, and fur to highly technical resins and polyurethane, harmonized with their avid curiosity and extraordinary visual intelligence.


Fairy Berries


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Golden Corral and Beast Guests


Howie Candle & Candle Jenner

The twin-brothers work together, combining their different backgrounds, interests, and skillsets in an organic way that could only be attained by such a bonded pair. Their pieces are inspired as much by their everyday interactions as a mythical realm. Each of these craftsmanship masterpieces infuses a joy and playfulness.


Microfreaks Daybreak Collection


Sex Room Framed Paintings and Illustrations

One curiosity: Simon and Nikolai Haas create everything from set design to wearable art, as masks for Lady Gaga to gold-leafed furniture for Louis Vuitton stores.


Stoney Planet


Tequila Sunrise



As contemporary craftsmanship lovers, the Haas Brothers have become renowned for their inflammatory, biomorphic, colorful, and insanely imaginative modern furniture, ornaments, and commissioned artistry with a unique design.


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