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100 Top Product Designer: Gabriella Crespi

Known for her singular furniture designs, Gabriella Crespi was a creative Italian designer whose work spans furniture design, jewelry, and sculpture. Her conceptions continually balanced design with sculptural abstraction, always mesmerizing juxtapositions bred from her inspiration for the designs. As one of the best product designers and also an artist of exceptional originality and ideas, Gabriella Crespi’s designs have offered new ways of seeing contemporary design: One Hundred Edition presents you some of her iconic artworks.


“My creations are meant to bring mankind closer to the universe.”

Gabriella Crespi


Black Hole Sun Floor Lamp


Elisse Coffee Table


Fungo Table Lamps

The top product designer studied Architecture in Milan and started her career as a designer in the 1950’s. Conceiving original conceptions and ideas with the ability to transform objects by adding changes in function, Gabriella Crespi inspired the expressive creativity of the current generation of artists.


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Gothic’ Mirror With Drawer


Mobile Contenitore Mehir


Pair of Scultura Coffee Tables

As one of the best product designers in the world, Gabriella’s legacy is one that will live on as that of a revolutionary artist, explorer, and spiritual seeker.  During her career, the top product designer was always far from the others. She didn’t follow mass production and she chose limited production made with almost manic precision by her artisans.


Pyramid Table Lamp


Rare Lune Light Sculpture


Set of Four Chairs – Rising Sun Series



Her expansive heritage includes modern furniture, decorative pieces, contemporary jewelry, all in a wide range of materials, comprising reflective mirrors, bamboo, Plexiglas, and metals such as brass. She died in 2017, February 14th.


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