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100 Top Product Designer: Frederik Molenschot

Born in 1981, Frederik Molenschot is graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and currently works in Amsterdam. The top product designer belongs to the Dutch Design Movement. He founded the Studio Molen in 2005 and has been working with a group of talented professionals in the field of art, design, and architecture ever since. One Hundred Edition honors the best of craftsmanship: take a look and discover the most unique design pieces by Frederik Molenschot.


“I make design-related decisions quite quickly, but decisions about life or the business I make cautiously.”

Frederik Molenschot


Citylight Chapon


CL – 42 Infinity


CL-2 The Wall (Patinated Bronze)

“If you’re an architect, your world is a building, a graphic designer works on a newspaper or a wall, while a landscape architect plays with nature itself. I try and draw all these worlds together and see what happens when they meet.” 

Frederik Molenschot


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CL-2-The Wall light

With his own design studio, he designs light sculptures, paintings, non-light-related sculptures, and installations. Frederik Molenschot is best known for his cast bronze lighting structures and his work is inspired by city lights and the night sky which imagine a vision of a future city.


CL-3-The Wall


CL-7 Silver Avenue

The founder of Studio Molen is a symbol of constant energy, forever producing and developing new ideas and inspiring people. The top product designer crafts his work by hand and displays incredible diversity. His main goal is to transport the viewer’s senses to a new level.


CL-Arctic III

“I don’t even see what I produce as big because it’s normal for me to work on this scale.”

Frederik Molenschot






Cosmos Life 1

All these craftsmanship masterpieces by Studio Molen have been acquired by art collectors worldwide and shown at international art fairs and exhibitions.


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