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100 Top Product Designer: Francesco Binfaré

Born in 1939, Francesco Binfaré is one of the best product designers in the world. After having achieved his artistic education under his father’s orientation, the top product designer started working for Cassina, a luxury furniture brand, in 1960. During his career, he is one of the most appreciated designers for other brands like Edra. One Hundred Edition presents to you some of his most iconic products!


“Interpersonal understanding plays a big role for us. It is an important part of our recipe for success and the reason why design nowhere works as well as in Italy.”

Francesco Binfaré


ANNETT on wheels for Edra


Flap crocodile for Edra


Flap Tricolore for Edra


“To make it really cozy, you need pillows that adapt.”

Francesco Binfaré


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Gran Khan for Edra

Beginning his artistic career as a researcher of new technologies, from 1969 to 1976 he was the director of the Centro Cassina and nursed the creation of the classics of design alongside other top product designers like Gaetano Pesce and Paolo Deganello.


Odalisca for Edra

“I don’t understand how you can design a wide variety of things for this, sometimes for that manufacturer. There are a few designers who have this talent. I am not one of them, my idea of ​​creative work is different.”

Francesco Binfaré


Paesaggi Italiani wood for Edra


Sfatto Easy chair leather for Edra


Sfatto leather for Edra

Responsible for several interiors, product, and furniture design projects, he created the “Centro design e comunicazione” for project development. In the 21st century, Francesco Binfaré has created a number of new seating icons: in this article, you can see some of these stunning and modern pieces.


Sherazade for Edra



Stand By Me Bed for Edra


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