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100 Top Product Designer: Erwan Boulloud

Graduated from Ecole Boulle in 1995 and honed his craft in the workshops of various creators, Erwan Boulloud is recognized as one of the best product designers on the planet. Combining the traditional techniques of modern art and cabinet making, with digital design and metalworking, the top product designer draws a collection of fine art pieces pushing boundaries of furniture manufacturing as sculptural and practical conceptions. If you are a design-lover, One Hundred Edition presents to you furniture pieces with a sensitive feature, contemporary design, and refined handcraft: get impressed by Erwan Boulloud’s creative works!


“My work identifies more issues than it solves problems. I don’t think an artist ever solves problems. The role given to art is to question the world, and the answers are offered by the spectator.”

Erwan Boulloud


#Cygales – Réseau Social


Cabinet De Curiosité


Coiffeuse CC


“To me, furniture design is just a random consequence of life. It’s the means of expression that was given to me, just as others might have painting or music.”

Erwan Boulloud


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Fétiche – Autoportrait

“Beyond its aesthetic success, I feel a work of art is successful in its ability to generate a lineage, this is to me the testimony of its profundity.”

Erwan Boulloud


Fracture Cosmique X



The Natural Sciences are his main influences: he connects traditional craft techniques to fill the delicate senses of anthropomorphism into his diverse pieces. For him, the success of a craftsmanship masterpiece isn’t measured by its aesthetic qualities.




Mamluk Flower



His own design studio is located in Montreuil, France. And his main sources of inspiration are Anish Kapoor, Andy Goldsworthy, and Ron Arad. The top product designer generates authentic pieces that are unique or limited editions, signed and numbered.


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