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100 Top Product Designer: Eric Schmitt

Born in Toulouse, the top product designer Eric Schmitt lives and works near Fontainebleau. As one of the best product designers in the world, he began a career in experimental music before deciding to focus on sculptural furniture at La Plaine Saint-Denisnear Paris. Considered as a self-taught artist, he exhibited his first pieces at VIA in Paris in 1987. Do you want to know some of his most unique artworks? Get amazed by his creative masterpieces!


“Each new piece is a challenge. What is interesting and exciting is the mystery of the process, from mind to sketch.”

Eric Schmitt


Bracelet Coffee Table


Console Goodboy


Console Sixtine

“My work is inspired by the simplicity of the shape of Romanesque art, which dominates the Poitou region where I grew up. Architecture also influences me. My designs are foremost functional, but my aim is to create furniture that erases its functionality, so the distinction between sculpture and object is blurred. The challenge is to make an object in heavy material, with the purest forms, that look light and ethereal while retaining its function.”

Eric Schmitt


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Guéridon Fuji Nickelé


Hood Lamps

Eric Schmitt is one of the most creative artists continuing the Art Deco tradition: as a symbol of Modern Design, he is at the cutting edge of sculpture, modern architecture, and contemporary design. His stunning work features contemporary, fluid forms that have been melted, carved, or blown using solid materials such as bronze, alabaster, marble and Bohemian glass.


Jaillissement Pendant Lamp


Jarre Table

After focusing on lines and right angles, the top product designer has turned his attention to curves. His pieces respect geometrical rules while symbolically evoking natural forms. Furthermore, he creates, designs, and shapes craftsmanship masterpieces in his workshop before entrusting them to the best craftsmen in France.


Cordouan Floor Lamp


Mordue Coffee Table


Velvet Bench

His authentic pieces, which reflect his unique take on the French Art Deco tradition, are often made to measure or limited editions. Recognized as one of the best product designers, his productions have been exhibited and displayed many times in Paris, Stuttgart, New York, and Los Angeles.


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