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100 Top Product Designer: Cristina Celestino

Born in 1980 in Pordenone, Cristina Celestino is graduated from the School of Architecture at IUAV University of Venice. Before she founded her own brand – Attico Design – in 2009, the top product designer worked with prestigious design studios, focusing on interior architecture and design. As a creative creator of modern concepts, she is recognized as one of the best product designers in the world: One Hundred Edition presents you with a curated selection of her most unique design products!


“You can find inspiration everywhere; you just need to know how to catch the ideas. They come from your own background, your education, and your passions. While I do my research, I feel free to explore different fields, from fashion and jewelry to architecture.”

Cristina Celestino


Ariosto 03





“In an interior design project, I feel free to express my vision as much as possible. When I think of a product, I always start from a story and from a space where the object is placed.”

Cristina Celestino


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Attico Design is an Italian design firm founded by Cristina Celestino in Milan in 2011. Naturally evolving from her experimental work and interior design, converting special commission projects and research activity into small series production. Each product designed by Cristina Celestino comes from a careful and never trivial thematic research which is always rich in reminiscent quotations and resonances from worlds with extraordinary expressive and emotional strength.


Opanca x Sergio Rossi


Orfeo Wall Mirror


Planetario, Ottoman


Planetario, Vanity Table


Powder Armchair


Powder Sofa

All her products are defined by geometry and rigorous research, combined with a subtle play on the impact of traditional forms. Through variations of scale and small inventions, the objects designed by Cristina Celestino are able to convey new messages and different meanings.


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