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100 Top Product Designer: Christopher Gentner

One of the best product designers in the planet, Christopher Gentner established his own design studio in 2011, the namesake furniture label is a rare combination of aesthetic dexterity and mastery of craft resulting in contemporary furniture and modern objects with a unique design that are expressive, formal, and transcend materiality. If you want to know some of these artworks, take a look and get amazed by Christopher Gentner’s natural talent!


“I began to develop a real interest in functional pieces as opposed to abstract works that were art for art’s sake. The pieces were still generated out the same fine art discovery, but they eventually moved towards being purely practical.”

Christopher Gentner




Canal Chandelier


Chair with Tubes and Brass

With a BFA in metalsmithing from the Cleveland Institute of Art and apprenticeships under sculptors and jewelers, Christopher Gentner’s dedication to the craftsmanship was developed: the top product designer always brings his design philosophy to each furniture or lighting piece that he creates.


“I see potential in everything, which is one of the reasons I’m drawn to the functionality of my work.”


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Circle Candle


Console Table


Dischi Side Table


Paper Chandelier


Pewter Landscape Table


Ribbon Stool


Vase Collection

The intersection between art and functional design is a concept that the top product designer explores with his eponymous collection of furnishings. Rooted in a language of sculpture, character-defining details, and world-renowned craftsmanship, his work is found at the crossroads of contemporary design and modern art.


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