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100 Top Product Designer: Christopher Boots

Christopher Boots is a Melbourne based top product designer, driven by a love of nature and light, with an assurance to nothing short of distinction and quality. As one of the best product designers on the planet, he established his own design studio – the Christopher Boots Studio – that was founded on material and metaphysical exploration of quartz crystal, birthing a signature aesthetic. One Hundred Edition brings to you some of his most unique pieces that explore relationships between architecture, symbology, and geometry found in nature offer a contemporary interpretation of the pattern, structure, and symmetry.


“My design aesthetic is refined, raw, chunky, elegant, primal, complex, simple.”

Christopher Boots


Curiosity Cabinet




Petra I Smoky Quartz Wall Sconce

All creative works with a contemporary design are handmade with love and care, with a diverse team of skilled artisans. Using a broad variety of artisans – amongst them glass blowers, coppersmiths, ceramicists, sculptors, and bronze casters, ensuring a commitment to quality. Each unique design product seeks to elevate and to emphasize the transformed materials in a way that highlights their natural beauty.


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Petra II Circular Pendant


Prometheus III Smoky Quartz

Together with his team, the top product designer design, prototype and build in Melbourne studios, honoring the craftsmanship and traditional elements of form, proportion, and scale, marrying traditional and cutting edge materials with numerous techniques, generating future antiques designed for transforming architecture.


Prometheus IV Table Lamp Verdigris



Christopher Boots’ Greek heritage is mirrored in his repeated fusion of natural and classical, with mythology a core concept infusing his work.



Smoky Gradient Diamond Ring


Sugar Bomb


Bucky Vitrine

Collaborating with contemporary architects, top interior designers and private clients fuels the dialogue between the worlds we all transverse, Christopher Boots ensures a commitment to quality and underscores an investigative sensibility, giving birth to an aesthetic often unexpected.


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