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100 Top Product Designer: Brooksbank and Collins

The two top product designers Tom Brooksbank and Allan Collins created and founded their own design studio: Brooksbank and Collins, a collaboration that draws on 25 years of combined research and works within their respective disciplines. Tom Brooksbank is a top architect and Allan Collins is a fine artist and product designer. Brooksbank and Collins was founded in 2012 and is a design studio located in London: their main goal is to explore the overlap of art and architecture within the design of furniture and decorative objects. One Hundred Edition honors contemporary art: discover some unique design pieces by Brooksbank and Collins.


“We communicate our ideas through the medium of Design and produce Furniture and Objets d’Art that is the materialization of those ideas. Our working methodologies owe more to Conceptual Art than Product Design; the idea or concept is the most important aspect of our work. Ideas can also be works in their own right and have just as much validity as the objects.”

Allan Collins


“My eyes collect the geometry of relationships between them and by doing so the void becomes charged. It becomes present within the great open field.”

Tom Brooksbank


Boullée Table (Gold)


Boullée Table


Caulis Vase

Brooksbank and Collins’ partnership thrives on contrast. Collins is a product designer focused on the internal logic of a design concept whereas Brooksbank acts the part of provocateur exploring the poetic possibilities of their work.


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Fossus Carrara Coffee Table


Me-Far Altus


Neptis Vase


The Carbo Asper Table


The Do-Rey Unit

Brooksbank and Collins‘s collaboration began with a quirk of fate when they were ascribed adjacent desks working for a London architecture office. Almost immediately they started an ongoing conversation about art, architecture, design, and the common threads which are woven between these things. Nowadays, they are one of the most notorious design studios in the world!


The Fonteyn Chair


The Kubrick Table


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